100 Reasons Why I Love Him

100 Reasons why I love him (in no particular order):

1. He’s sweet.
2. He’s sexy.
3. He’s thoughtful.
4. He’s always in a good mood.
5. He’s funny.
6. He’s smart.
7. When I’m feeling down, he lifts me up.
8. He listens.
9. He’s a good dad, and loves his daughter.
10. He’s great to my children.
11. He’s fun to hang out with.
12. He cooks for me.
13. He helps me with “guy” things around my house.
14. He makes me smile, even when he’s not around.
15. He loves music.
16. He plays the bass guitar. (ROWR!)
17. He thought up the idea for JobShouts.com
18. He goes out of his way for me; and my family.
19. He’s social.
20. He’ll even go to parties with me when he doesn’t know anyone other than me.

21. He makes me feel like the only woman on earth.
22. He sends me sweet text messages.
23. He flirts with me.
24. He’s passionate.
25. He’s tall.
26. He knows how to fix things, nearly anything.
27. When I get anxious, he knows just what to say to bring me back to earth.
28. He always knows just the right thing to say.
29. He always knows just the right thing to do.
30. He loves me, for me.
31. He has the cutest, sweetest laugh.
32. He has the best smile.
33. He’s romantic.
34. He opens doors for me.
35. He’s a great kisser.
36. He’s never disrespectful.
37. He loves his mom.
38. He’s secure in himself.
39. He’s not crazy.
40. He wakes up early.
41. He stays up late.
42. He likes fast cars.
43. He explains things to me, without being condescending.
44. He can keep up with me. ;)
45. He’s spontaneous.
46. He’s been known to watch me while I’m sleeping.  ;)
47. He calls me, sometimes just to hear my voice.
48. He’s not afraid to tell me how he feels – about anything.
49. He’s not afraid of love, even though he’s been hurt.
50. He’s goofy with me.
51. He laughs at my jokes.
52. He can laugh at himself.
53. He’s sensitive, but not too much.
54. He has big hands.  ;)
55. He knows just how to make my coffee, and I never even told him how.
56. He likes to go places with me to watch live music.
57. He can have fun doing nothing at all.
58. He’s an optimist.
59. He has the most beautiful eyes.
60. He plays with my obnoxious pets.
61. He’s honest.
62. He’s not afraid of my “situation”.
63. He doesn’t give me a hard time about smoking, even though I’m sure he hates it. (I don’t smoke anymore! Quit 1/10)
64. He doesn’t give me a hard time about anything.
65. He takes me places I’ve never been to before.  Often.
66. He delivers the sunset, upon request.  ;)
67. He pulls out the chair for me.
68. He’s affectionate.
69. He serenades me.
70. He finds my food oddities amusing, instead of annoying.
71. He compliments me.  Often.
72. He never raises his voice.
73. He doesn’t snore. ;)
74. He’s not cranky in the morning.
75. He’s not cranky, ever, really.
76. He’s cool.
77. He keeps all the cards I’ve given him, on display on his bookshelf.
78. He’s ok with silence.
79. He’s not defensive.
80. He’s responsible.
81. He’s sexy (worth a 2nd mention) :)
82. He’s considerate.
83. He’s patient.
84. He’s understanding.
85. He almost never complains.
86. He’s forgetful (some might think this is odd, but I’m chronically forgetful so it’s nice not to be in that boat alone – lol)
87. He’s absent of sexual hangups.
88. He appreciates me.
89. He’s a techie. (ROWR!)
90. He has some gray hair (I find this sexy, he finds this distressing)
91. He likes a challenge.
92. He shows me in every way possible that he loves me.
93. He’s a courteous driver.
94. He smiles a lot.  A LOT.  :)
95. He understands my need for “me” time, and is perfectly ok with it.
96. He thinks my kids are great.
97. He can admit when he’s wrong.
98. He doesn’t boast when *I’m* wrong.
99. He’s not judgemental.
100.  He’s completely fabulous in every way imagineable.  :)

Who am I talking about?? My heart, my soul, my rock and roll. Michael. :) (@tall_geek on twitter!)


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  • Ashlee

    Nice he is VERY handsome

  • so like

    you guys …copulate?

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